Celebrate on a boat on Kos island is one of the top things to do. We have hosted many special occasions throughout our sailing tours all over Greece.  Birthday parties on board, Wedding events and Hen-do celebrations on our cruises are some of them.  Recently we had a group of friends, ladies, to celebrate a Hen do.  This was a private boat charter.  A few of the ladies arrived earlier at the boat in the morning, to help decorate the boat for the day. This was a special occasion for their best friend and they wanted to make it fabulous for her. 

Once ready to embark, we welcomed the group of friends on board with coffees and snacks. Our safety and getting to know the boat briefing followed.  Everyone on board was super excited to be going sailing and once we sailed off their smiles were endless.

Various anchorages during the day, the “Blue Lagoon” and the “Rocky Couple” were all handpicked by our experienced captain. The bays were stunning with blue-green crystal clear waters. The ladies kept thanking us for the fantastic swimming & snorkeling stops they enjoyed so much.

Part of the celebration

A scrumptious delicious Greek-style lunch was prepared by our crew. It was served on board with plenty of ice-cold refreshments, that the ladies enjoyed comfortably seated around our cockpit table. The drinks flowed and the music played to accompany us in a fun filled day.  No words can express our joy of seeing so many smiles of our happy guests, making the most of their celebration on board.

Upon our return to Kos harbor later that evening, the ladies on board couldn’t believe the day had come to an end.  They all thanked us and said that they would remember this day forever, looking at the photos on their phones.  We knew we had accomplished another fantastic sailing cruise, when the people on board this journey were no longer our guests; they had become our friends.  We exchanged social media contacts and promised to stay in touch. This is what we do best and what we crave for on all our cruises.


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