Kos island best sunsets

Kos island best sunsets, can be found in various locations.  Some of the most popular ones accessible by car are: Zia, Tigaki, Mastichari, the Vagi Pier (near Mastichari) & Agios Fokas. But if you are looking for the most impressive ever sunset, the one you wish you could take back home with you; then this is the sunset from the sea!

Kos island best sunsets from a sea point of view, are simply indescribable.  This is why they make up for one of the top outdoor activities on Kos.  We, at Sail Kos offer tailor-made private and semi-private half-day sunset cruises.  We passionately believe that, experiencing a sunset at destinations only accessible by boat, is a lifetime experience you will forever treasure.

Kos island best sunsets
Sunsets on Kos

When at sea and floating on a yacht, witnessing a sunset, you will be under the impression that time has slowed down. You will have the chance to capture those Instagram-worthy magical shots, and then lose yourself in nature’s painting created before your eyes. The inspiring colors of the sky in combination with the sea offer a sort of meditating feeling. You will be captured in the moment and tend to clear your mind of all that is going on outside this instance.

It is said that sunsets have many psychological effects that enhance the satisfaction of life.  They have been proven to relieve stress.  Just like every existence is unique, so is every moment.  Sunsets are special because they are never identical.  Each sunset is different, and the sunset you witness today you will never see again. 

Painters, poets, scientists have tried to capture sunsets in their ways.  Everyone loves to grasp the beauty held within them.  On our sunset cruises on Kos island, you will experience this feeling.  Come sailing with us and capture the magical moments nature gives us all freely!


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