KOS island will Exceed your Expectations!

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Agios Stefanos Kos island

We believe that KOS island will Exceed your Expectations, simply because of the vast activities it offers.  Some of the most popular activities you can find on Kos island are: sailing, swimming & snorkeling, visiting the Venetian Fortress, Zia’s magnificent sunsets, Agios Stefanos ancient ruins & islet and guided tours provided by experienced locals. 

Guided tours

If you are among those who want to find out more about a destination’s history and points of interest, then a local guided tour is your choice.  Ioannis from Kos Private Tours comes with great expertise and fantastic recommendations by his followers.  He is passionate about his work & the island of Kos and together you will discover all the best the island has to offer.  Ioannis is a licensed guide, you will be in good hands because he always has interesting facts to share.  If you are looking for a local to show you around the secret spots on Kos, you can contact him: mob.:+ 306945543463. 

Zia is a picturesque village on the slopes of Mount Dikaios, known for its cobble-stone alleys linned with little cafes, restaurants and hand-made craft shops.  It holds a unique vibe with a very colorful archtitecture & all sorts of decorations, which welcome its guests with warmth.  Zia’s altitude is also popular for the sunset seekers out there,  with amazing views from the mountain.
Antimahia Castle
The castle of Antimahia is built on the edge of a landscape at about 166 meters high.  It is located near the modern village of Antimahia, and it overlooks the busy seaside between Kos and Nissyros islands.  Because of it’s size and the ruins of numerous buildings it signifies that it was a fortified settlement.  The castle dates from the Ottoman period.  Definitely worth a visit, for those seeking historical points on their visit.
KOS island neratzia castle
Antimahia castle Kos island


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